Project KHOJ is a last mile research study instituted by The Curriculum Company, to understand the method of implementation of Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) across schools in India. This in-depth study aimed to seek inputs, observe patterns, interpret trends and estimate implementation effectiveness by engaging in a wholesome immersion process spanning close to 150 schools and 2000 direct respondents across the country. Specific aspects such as Classroom technology, formative and summative assessments, teacher curriculum and pedagogy approaches formed an integral part of the KHOJ study.Close to 87% of teachers and educators said that concept clarity and classroom participation were the key factors that they wished to incorporate in the primary school curriculum.

Nearly 79% of teachers were looking for innovative classroom strategies and assessment tools to make teaching and learning outcomes more concrete with regards to high school curriculum.

The Curriculum Company (TCC) has developed its ground breaking Thinking Classrooms Curriculum based on certain key learning from the research study KHOJ. At the very foundation of this curriculum is a 7-step instructional design blended with Bloom’s taxonomy, which makes this India’s firstever 100% research based curriculum for K12 schools.

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